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Transform Your Life Through Soul-Based Therapy

Michael Malacos DipCH, CCouns, CSRP, CSBTP, RM, CTH Soul Based Clinical Hypnotherapist

Transform Your Life with hypnotherapy

Experience profound healing and empowerment with Michael Malacos, a trusted Soul-Based Therapy Clinical Hypnotherapist. Discover your true potential through personalised sessions.

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Transform Your Life with Michael Malacos | Clinical Hypnotherapist

From Construction Work to Working With the Soul

I am Michael Malacos, a specialised Clinical Hypnotherapist. My journey started in carpentry and joinery and eventually led me to establishing my own construction firm For over 38 years I thrived in the world of high-end building projects, managing up to 30 professionals and six projects simultaneously. The satisfaction of creation was immense, but there was a growing need to address the invisible wreckage that I saw within my community.

A transformative healing retreat in Egypt revealed the path I was meant to tread - one that led to healing and hope. I decided to trade my construction tools for healing ones, focusing on offering a unique blend of therapies designed to address the mental maze I saw around me. Through counselling, past and current life regressions, soul realignments, soul pattern and belief reading, Reiki and Theta healing, Calm Coach meditations, and mindset clarity coaching, I've devoted myself to helping those battling the often ignored mental challenges.

If you find yourself grappling with anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues, financial struggles, or simply feeling stuck, I am here for you. My in-depth understanding of these issues coupled with my proficiency in healing modalities, offers a unique bridge - one that spans from despair to hope, from turmoil to tranquillity.

Let's build this bridge together. Reach out today and begin your journey towards balance, inner peace, and mental wellness. No longer do you have to navigate this path alone. Together, we can transform not just our work lives, but also our homes, relationships, and ultimately, our selves.


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