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Personalized Soul Profile Reading 

Journey Beyond Time | Discover Your Past Life Regression

Unveil Your Soul's Blueprint. Imagine a voyage into the essence of your soul. Based on your unique personal identifiers, such as your name at birth, current name, date of birth, and birthplace, we navigate the vast expanses of your Akashic Record Blueprint. This exploration unfolds the mystery of your soul's strengths, both primary and secondary, tracing their journey from creation to the present. Along the way, we shine a light on the positive aspects that uplift you, and the challenges that inspire your growth. After this enlightening expedition, we convene for a personalised, 30-minute Soul Profile Reading. In this session, I will share with you the findings from your Akashic exploration in a way that resonates with your journey. This deep-dive into your soul includes an exclusive opportunity to audio record our session, allowing you to revisit and reflect upon your unique soul profile whenever you wish. Join us today, unveil the essence of your soul, and illuminate your path forward. BOOK NOW.


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