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Discover your Past Life Regression.

Journey Beyond Time. Venture beyond the boundaries of the present and delve into the intriguing depths of your past lives. This transformative session begins with a tailored modification of the Initial Session, allowing us to ground ourselves in understanding your current circumstances. Then, under the expert guidance of hypnosis, we escort you on an awe-inspiring journey, back through the corridors of time to pre-birth in the womb. Once there, we navigate together towards a Past Life that significantly resonates with you.

Throughout this 150-minute session, we walk through your past life's story, unveiling its impact, witnessing its conclusion, and ultimately, connecting its narrative to your present circumstances, drawing parallels and uncovering new insights. Our journey is designed with your safety in mind. It includes the application of professional safety measures and reframing as needed, assuring a safe and insightful exploration of your past. Join us for this profound voyage to your past returning with a deeper understanding and enriched perspective. Embark on your transcendent journey today. BOOK NOW.


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