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Energy Source Healing

Prepare yourself for a remarkable voyage of energy healing and self-discovery with Michael Malacos. Through the transformative session you will embark on a profound exploration of your energetic essence.This empowering session offers you a profound understanding of your energetic imprints, ancestral influences, and the blockages that may be hindering your energetic flow. Armed with this awareness, you embark on a journey of energetic renewal and alignment.

Through energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Source Healing, Theta Healing, and chakra rebalancing, Michael facilitates the release of stagnant energy, the restoration of balance, and the activation of your inherent healing powers. This journey of energetic renewal empowers you to harmonise your energy, cultivate well-being, and manifest your true potential.

Michael took the time to get rid of my rubbish that I held onto. The gifts he holds is truly remarkable and amazing. I was able to let go of the rubbish and stories I held onto for quiet sometime. I was able to release some strong old beliefs and emotions. When I released this energy and emotion from my world it totally shifted. I have excelled in life and I am able to speak my truth even more so without the anger or sadness that I held onto. My story is a gift to assist so many others in the world. For Michael enabled me to see the gifts in my story and be at ease with it. Thank you to those who have been a part of my journey and taught me many gifts to pass onto others. Thank you, Michael you have a wonderful gift. It’s life transforming.

Alicia Wade 

speaker, writer, coach


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